– It’s all about immunity

If you are serious about looking after your immune system, then it makes sense to look at Claricell.  Claricell offers a range of nutritional supplements, focused on immune system support with Wellmune® at their core.  As we say – Claricell – “It’s All About Immunity”.

This is because a strong activated immune system is the foundation of healthy aging, general wellness and quality living.  Getting and keeping your immune system healthy and highly functional is the greatest gift to yourself and your loved ones.  Long term, sustained health begins with a robust and active immune system.

At the core of these offerings is a one day solution which are affordable to most “pockets”.

Claricell Essential – An everyday product suitable for adults and older children.  These are offered as vegecap capsules.  Each capsule contains 250 mg of Wellmune ® and 10 mg of Vitamin D.

Claricell Active – A specialist premium product for active adults containing both ingredients from Claricell Essential and a number of other vitamins and minerals.  Click here for further information.

Claricell Junior – a soft gel drop presentation combining 50 mg of Wellmune, DHA and 5 mg of Vitamin D.

Wellmune – is supported by USD 350 million in pre-clinical and human clinical studies.  Wellmune® human clinical studies include 1.700 adults & children.  Wellmune® is 100 % natural & gluten free and safe for everyday consumption.

The brand is developed by PharmacoNutrition, a Swiss healthcare company that combines the footprints of pharmacology with science based nutrition, helping consumer to achieve better health and an improved quality of life.

The platform technology in the Claricell® range is Wellmune®.  Wellmune® is a proprietary strain of beta 1,3/1,6 glucan from yeast clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system.

While Wellmune® is the platform in all of the Claricell® products; other science-based nutrients are added to enhance the effect of the various products designed for specific target groups.

It’s all about Claricell®!