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European Nutripharm Limited,The Old Brewery, High Street, Twyford, Hampshire. SO21 1RG. United Kingdom

Tel 01962 717068

What We Offer

European Nutripharm is developing its product range of nutritional supplements to support its mantra of “providing supplements which are backed by science”.  The range and quantity of supplements available in the UK is vast and it is ENP’s aim to make the research on its products readily available.

ENP is the practitoner UK distributor of ImmiFlex®. Immiflex is the premier Beta Glucans 1-3, 1-6 product available in the UK.

In 2012 ENP will launch Basica into the British market starting with the Direkt and Compact prodcts.

Under its MHRA import  licence, ENP also procures unlicensed products from overseas for it’s clients.

ENP works closely with The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine and procures many of the products used in its treatments.

To discuss any of the services, please contact European Nutripharm.

ENP Products Basica is amnufactured by Protina ImmiFlex contains Wellmune Protina, the manufacturers of Basica ImmiFlex contains Wellmune which is manufactured by Biothera ImmiFlex is manufactured by Immitec Basica Compact - available in tablet form Basica Direkt - available in powder form ImmiFlex 250 mg and ImmiFlex Kids
ImmiFlex (manufactured by Immitec) contains 250mg of Wellmune (manufactured by Biothera) and 25mcg of Vitamin D.  There is a children’s formulation containing 100mg of Wellmune and 10mcg of Vitamin D.  Click here to download the ImmiFlex Information Flyer

For further information on ImmiFlex please visit the ImmiFlex website.
European Nutripharm will be launching Basica Direkt and Basica Compact early in 2012.  
A well established product in Germany and many other European countries, Basica products focus on the establishment of acid alkali harmonisation within our bodies.  As the Basica website states “The increased consumption of acidic food (meat, sausages, cheese and cereal products) and the significantly decreased intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and salads, contribute to the rise in acid load.
To neutralize excess acids, the body needs basic vital substances. If they are missing, a chronic acidosis can occur. The consequences are often higher sensitivity to stress, fatigue and less concentration.”  To read more please click here to visit the Basica website